It's never Black & White - Wit 12 Box

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It's never Black & White - Belgian Wit: Now also available at Beer In A Box

Tasting note: Untapped

"A different take on the Belgian Wit style that boosts bolder flavours and a fuller body than usual.
A light, dull orange appears in the glass, topped with an eggshell white foam cap. The beer is fairly hazy and has a decent head retention.
The nose presents aromas of ripe banana, apricot preserve, spicy clove, coriander seed, perfumy citrus zest, white wheat breads with subtle pine and thyme following closely behind.
Most of these notes continue into the flavour while the pine and thyme morph into eucalyptus and the white bread into bread crusts.
Medium light in body, medium to medium low in carbonation, medium low in bitter and soft in texture. The eucalyptus and spicy clove linger in the finish, drying the palate and inviting you to take another sip."

Ingredients: Water, Barley* Malt, Wheat* , Oat*, Orange Peel, Coriander Seed, Hops and Yeast. 

5.7% Alcohol