G34.3 - Stout 24 Box

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 G34.3 - Stout: A dark Stout, no mocking around. 

Tasting note: Untapped

“This old school Imperial Stout combines big flavours with an easy drinkability.
Underneath the tall and dense moocha collored foam appears a beer as black as the night. It’s head retention is impressive; the tall cap lasts for several minutes and throughout the drinking experience the beer maintains a small head.
In the aroma there’s bold notes of dark chocolate, brewed coffee and a hint of toasted flaked coconut. In the flavour, when these notes are met with bitterness, they transform into bitter chocolate and espresso, creating something reminiscent of a chocolate covered coffee bean. In addition earthy notes of forest floor and mildly spicy peppers come through.
The beer is medium-light to light in body, medium in carbonation and medium to medium-high in bitter. The earthy bitter lingers in the finish asking for a bite of chocolate or a few dried cherries.

Black like the darkest corners of the universe

Ingredients: Water, Barley* Malt, Oat*, Hops and Yeast. 8.5% Alcohol

8.5% Alcohol