Unmei No Onna - Matcha Sour 6 Pack

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Better with 6!

A lightly sour beer with Matcha flavors. Ever wanted something different? This is it. Sour and fruity, refreshing in its own way. 

Tasting note: Untappd

“This bright and tart Matcha Sour was brewed with the newly discovered Philly yeast, resulting in tons of citrus and stone fruit notes.
The beer pours a beautiful warm orange with a streak of golden yellow along the edge of the glass. It’s fairly hazy, topped with fluffy white foam and has a remarkably long head retention.
In the aroma we find peach candies, orange marmalade, lime zest, ripe apricot and a light caramel. The flavour continues with these notes and here the earthy and grassy matcha appears. A smooth tartness joins in, enhancing the citrus and stone fruit flavours. Medium light in body, medium high in carbonation, minimal bitter and dry finish all add to this beer's extreme drinkability.”

Ingredients: Water, Barley* Malt, Oat*, Rice, Matcha, Hops and Yeast. 

6.8% Alcohol