Foreach - Session IPA 6 Pack

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Better with 6!

A citrus summer Session IPA, refreshing, fruity and light. A perfect beer for a day in the sun and a BBQ. Easy drinkable. 

Tasting note: Untapped

“This bright Session IPA pours a light amber color with a shade of orange. It displays a light haziness and is topped by a fluffy, white head. The aroma starts off with fuzzy peaches, lime zest, orange, green melon rind, Graham cracker and has a light earthy note. These continue in the flavour where the biscuit transforms into caramel, and is met with a leafy herb note and a mild minerality. Dry, medium light in body, medium high carbonation and finishes with an assertive and herbal bitter.”

Ingredients: Water, Barley* Malt, Oat*, Hops and Yeast. 

4.6% Alcohol