How it all began

Posted by Stefan Lenke on

After 2 years of trying, failing, succeeding and tasting we are at the point to share what we do.
While experimenting we developed our own library of recipes ranging from simple to complex, from lager to IPA, from Blackberry Triple to Whisky Barrel Ale. And now its time to start sharing those as well.  

We keep brewing small batches of  funky beers for friends and family and if they turn out to be great we will bring it to you all. We publish our 4E-ACH recipes in our blog for you to get inspired, try out and give feedback.
We have dozen of recipes ready, some worth repeating, others maybe not. Lets us know which you want to try and checkout our recipe section where we keep publishing them. 
  • Honey Amber Ale
  • Summer Pale Ale - yes we have 5 version of this one. 
  • Blackberry 2.5
  • West Coast IPA
  • 4Client Saison
  • 4Client Session IPA
  • Super NIPA
  • Honey Blond
  • Scotch Ale
  • New England IPA
  • Chocolate Ale 
  • Bitter Blond